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Branding & Identity

The Reason Customers Choose You

Our Approach

To identify and create what distinguishes you from your competitors.


To thoroughly examine the situation, positioning, and opportunities for your branding and identity, we use strategic questioning, data collection, and competitive/market analysis.



To identify target audiences, differentiation factors, and value proposition, we define the brand’s market niche compared to competitors and then articulate core values and personality traits, ensuring consistency in tone across all communications.



To ensure coherence with brand voice and tone guidelines, we create concise, persuasive messages that showcase unique value propositions, features, and differentiators. Tailored to specific demographic, psychographic, and behavioral segments, these messages are optimized for various channels and complemented by visual elements designed to attract attention and leave a lasting impact.



To provide instructions and examples for consistent brand use internally, externally, and across all channels, we create branding guidelines. We also develop a brand unveiling strategy, aligning timelines, key stakeholders, and ongoing campaigns to ensure a seamless and impactful brand launch.


Our Branding & Identity Services

Verbal Branding / Messaging

  • Brand name development
  • Tagline or slogan creation
  • Brand voice guidelines (tone, style, vocabulary)
  • Messaging framework (core messages, elevator Pitch)
  • Brand storytelling guidelines
  • Product or service naming
  • Brand persona development
  • Content strategy (content pillars, content types)
  • Brand messaging matrix
  • Social media copy guidelines
  • Brand naming & messaging research documentation

Visual Branding / Logos

  • Custom logo design
  • Brand colors palette
  • Typography guidelines (fonts & styles)
  • Brand imagery guidelines (photography & graphics)
  • Brand iconography (icons & symbols)
  • Stationery design (business cards, letterheads, envelopes)
  • Social media graphics templates

Brand Expansion

  • Market analysis and opportunity assessment
  • Brand extension strategy development
  • Product line extension planning
  • Geographic expansion strategy
  • Brand portfolio strategy (if managing multiple brands)
  • New market entry planning
  • International expansion strategy
  • Brand positioning adjustments for new markets
  • Competitive analysis in new markets
  • Brand identity adaptation for new markets
  • Marketing and communication strategy for expansion
  • Pricing strategy for new markets or products
  • Launch campaign planning for new products or markets
  • Brand equity measurement and management
  • Post-launch monitoring and analysis

Featured Branding & Identity Work

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Featured Branding & Identity Work

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