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Advancing the Mission of Managed Detection and Response

The Client

Founded in 2010, Proficio is a leading managed detection and response (MDR) service provider, delivering advanced MDR services to organizations around the world.

As the inventor of SOC-as-a-Service, cybersecurity business intelligence, and automated response, Proficio was created with one purpose: to advance the global mission of managed detection and response. Proficio provides 24/7 security monitoring and alerting from its global security operations centers (SOCs) in San Diego, Barcelona, and Singapore and has been recognized in Gartner’s Market Guide for MDR services annually since 2017.

The Challenge

Proficio had successfully positioned itself as a leading MDR services provider despite having numerous challenges with company branding and messaging and an outdated website consisting of over 300 pages.

The company lacked taglines that consistently convey the company’s value to various stakeholders; they had no clear differentiation from competitors; their messaging that didn’t resonate with non-technical buyers or articulate their value in terms of business outcomes; they lacked company tone and voice that aligned with the company’s brand; branding and messaging inconsistencies across all touchpoints.

Proficio faced significant challenges with their website, which was poorly organized and struggled with low SEO rankings, slow performance, and cumbersome content management processes. The site’s structure made it difficult for users to navigate and find relevant information efficiently. The lack of effective SEO strategies resulted in poor visibility on search engines, significantly hampering the site’s ability to attract new leads. Additionally, the website’s slow load times detracted from user experience and increased bounce rates.

The Solution

Pugh & Tiller proposed a two-track branding development and website development program that included defining the new corporate name, messaging, value proposition, mission statement, tagline, and visual identity, a comprehensive website audit, designing a user-centric interface, developing a robust and feature-rich website, and ensuring its performance, security, and usability. Throughout the program, we outlined the key activities, deliverables, and estimated timelines for each track. Through a data-driven approach, strategic insights, and conversion-focused design principles, the objective was to deliver a fresh new brand and messaging along with a powerful digital platform that not only captivated visitors, but more importantly, attracted qualified leads and grew revenue.

Verbal Branding & Messaging

Through collaborative fact-finding, brainstorming, and market research, we worked hand in hand with Proficio to define their unique tagline and USP, setting them apart from competitors with distinctive clarity.

Proficio: Advancing the Mission of Managed Detection and Response

As the inventor of SOC-as-a-Service, cybersecurity business intelligence, and automated response, Proficio was created with one purpose: to advance the global mission of managed detection and response.

Visual Branding & Marketing Collateral

Pugh & Tiller spearheaded Proficio’s rebranding initiative, prioritizing the modernization of the existing logo while safeguarding its esteemed brand equity. Acknowledging the enduring legacy of the original emblem within the industry, Pugh & Tiller meticulously enhanced its visual impact to resonate with contemporary standards. This pivotal transformation laid the foundation for a comprehensive suite of assets, encompassing a cohesive business pack, meticulously crafted brand style guides delineating typography, colors, imagery, and other brand-defining elements, as well as dynamic social media assets. Moreover, the initiative included the development of compelling marketing materials such as PP decks, whitepapers, case studies, data sheets, and eBooks. Additionally, Pugh & Tiller curated tailored email templates, ensuring seamless internal and external communications with a unified tone and professional demeanor across all channels.

Responsive Website

The new website’s development focused on refactoring the navigation for an enhanced user experience, fixing technical SEO problems, and improving page speed scores. The redesign prioritized intuitive navigation pathways that align with user expectations, facilitating easier access to information and services.

By optimizing technical SEO aspects, the site’s visibility on search engines has been significantly improved, attracting more targeted traffic. Enhancements in page load times were achieved through optimized coding and streamlined content delivery, leading to better engagement and reduced drop-offs. Additionally, the content management system was overhauled to provide a more user-friendly interface for content editors, enabling more efficient content updates and management, which supports the ongoing relevance and freshness of the website content.

Advanced Anaytics & Reporting


Proficio’s digital presence has been empowered with advanced analytics capabilities. Pugh & Tiller built a comprehensive analytics suite that includes both funnel metrics and advanced behavioral tracking to monitor crucial KPIs.

This robust tracking solution is designed to sharpen the focus on marketing qualified leads (MQLs), ensuring each campaign’s performance is not just observed, but analyzed for continuous improvement. With a detailed view of customer interactions, from first touch to conversion, Pugh & Tiller has enabled Proficio to dissect every stage of the user journey, giving them the power to refine strategies and optimize conversion pathways.

The Results

Here’s what Proficio has to say about our work on this project.

“Pugh & Tiller played an integral role in our brand refresh and website redesign journey, and their impact has been nothing short of transformative. From the outset, they seamlessly integrated into our team, demonstrating a deep understanding of our brand and objectives. Their expertise in brand development was evident as they guided us through the entire process, from conceptualizing our tagline and messaging to crafting visually stunning elements, including our logo. With their guidance, we were able to refresh our brand identity to perfectly reflect our company values and goals.

Pugh & Tiller tackled the monumental task of developing our new website with unparalleled dedication. Despite the complexity of our site, they regularly went above and beyond to ensure a successful outcome. Their commitment to meeting our aggressive launch deadline was unwavering, and their attention to detail ensured that every aspect of our website was meticulously crafted.

Pugh & Tiller’s graphic design prowess was particularly impressive. They adeptly translated complex technical concepts into visually engaging diagrams, showcasing their creativity, initiative, and expertise. Moreover, their web development team exhibited profound knowledge and professionalism, seamlessly collaborating with our marketing and IT teams to ensure a smooth website launch. Their support extended beyond the launch, as they continued to provide services post-implementation.

Impressed by their high-quality work, we extended our partnership with Pugh & Tiller beyond the brand refresh and website launch. They now support us across various facets, including website development and maintenance, SEO programs, content creation, email automation marketing, PR, analyst relations, and graphic design.

Pugh & Tiller exceeded our expectations at every turn, and we recommend them to any company seeking a genuine partner committed to their success. With Pugh & Tiller, you’re not just hiring a service provider; you’re gaining a trusted ally dedicated to helping you achieve your goals.”

– Jen Ferguson, VP of Marketing, Proficio.