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Revolutionary Long-Flight, Heavy-Lift UAV Designed for Work

The Client

SkyTiller is a long-flight, heavy-lift unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) designed for work.

This revolutionary commercial drone is capable of lifting up to 200kg and flying for up to 4 hours to be used in agriculture, delivery, forestry, emergency services, mining and manufacturing industries.

The Challenge

Braeron, an international technology development and investment company, designed and built a UAV that featured an internal combustion engine and electrical motors for stabilization and navigation that, together, delivered unprecedented flight times, distances, and operational efficiency for the most demanding work in the most challenging environments.

The company wanted to quickly introduce the UAV to U.S. commercial farmers for pre-order purposes and to entice potential investors as a viable product.

However, Braeron lacked any of the basic go-to-market information needed to present the drone to these audiences, including branding, messaging, or a website. The only thing Braeron had decided on for the UAV was the name: SkyTiller.

The Solution

Pugh & Tiller devised a straightforward, but robust branding, messaging, and web design initiative that would deliver the materials needed to launch SkyTiller and properly position it for pre-order and as an attractive investment opportunity. This initiative would include corporate and product logos, tagline creation, a brand style guide, a simple, but comprehensive website, multiple capability videos, and a message map to be used for web copy, sales and marketing enablement, and investor relations.

Visual Branding


The logo was inspired by the most recognizable element of the product: the propellers. The icon features blades in different colors, each representing the diverse markets served— agriculture, logistics, rescue, and research — facilitating seamless brand expansion. The primary colors provided excellent contrast on both light and dark backgrounds, and the logo’s design worked well in both horizontal and vertical orientations, as well as at various sizes. Additionally, it was adaptable for an animated version planned for a phase two branding initiative.

Product Highlight Videos


Using footage provided by the client, Pugh & Tiller storyboarded, edited, and produced multiple short videos to highlight the product’s capabilities. These videos effectively showcased the UAV’s features and were utilized across the website, social media platforms, and in sales pitches to engage and inform potential customers and investors.

Responsive Website

Pugh & Tiller designed and developed a focused yet comprehensive responsive WordPress website for the client, incorporating the new brand.

The site featured detailed information about the drone, a simple contact form, and integrated social media links, all of which provided a cohesive look and set the tone for the brand’s visual identity. It included elements essential for modern responsive websites, such as intuitive navigation, fast load times, and mobile optimization, ensuring an engaging and user-friendly experience across all devices.

The Results

In just a few short weeks, the Pugh & Tiller team delivered on all parts of the SkyTiller initiative.

The president of Braeron was able to use the new website and marketing materials to not only effectively position SkyTiller before agriculture prospects, but also expand interest among forestry and emergency service organizations. Additionally, the new company brand and website provided the legitimacy and feasibility needed to present SkyTiller to investors in the commercial drone market.