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BbWorld & DEVCON Website
CBE Readiness App

The Client

Blackboard is a prominent provider of educational technology solutions, notably recognized for its innovative learning management system (LMS). Its platform facilitates online interaction, access to course materials, and educational tools for teachers and students across various institutions worldwide.

BBWorld is an annual conference hosted by Blackboard, focused on educational technology and innovations in online learning. It provides opportunities for educators, administrators, and technology experts to come together, share best practices, participate in workshops, and learn about the latest developments in the field.

The Challenge

Addressing the need for seamless virtual conferences and streamlining competency-based education evaluations.

BbWorld Interactive needed to seamlessly transition their traditional conference format into a dynamic virtual event while maintaining attendee engagement and accessibility. Meanwhile, they also aimed to simplify the evaluation process for institutions considering competency-based education, ensuring a comprehensive assessment of readiness factors while simultaneously serving as a lead generation tool for marketing and sales teams.

The Solution

Interactive Conference Website

Pugh & Tiller developed a comprehensive online platform for BbWorld, an immersive virtual conference that encompassed not only the main event but also the dynamic DEVCON and BBWorld Live components. Attendees could join live sessions, chat in real-time, and watch streams seamlessly.

It included custom registration functionality that was integrated with Salesforce for efficient marketing, while agendas and mobile app integrations enhanced accessibility. Pugh & Tiller’s solution ensured a smooth and engaging experience for all participants, elevating BBWorld into a dynamic online event.

Competency-Based Education App

This project aimed to streamline the evaluation process of institutions’ readiness for competency-based education (CBE) through an interactive application. By posing targeted questions to users, Pugh & Tiller developed an application that assessed readiness levels for adopting CBE methodologies. Through a systematic scoring system, it provided insights into various aspects such as infrastructure, faculty preparedness, curriculum design, and technological integration crucial for successful implementation of CBE.

Additionally, the application served as a lead generation tool, capturing valuable information about institutions interested in transitioning to CBE. These leads were seamlessly funneled to the marketing and sales team, enabling them to tailor their outreach strategies effectively. Overall, the project not only facilitated the assessment of readiness for CBE but also contributed to enhancing the efficiency of marketing and sales efforts in promoting CBE solutions.

The Results

Pugh & Tiller’s solutions transformed BbWorld into an immersive virtual conference experience, seamlessly integrating live sessions, real-time chat, and streaming capabilities.

The custom registration system, linked with Salesforce, drove efficient marketing strategies, while intuitive agendas and mobile app features ensured accessibility for all attendees. With our platform, BbWorld delivered an engaging event that left a lasting impression on participants.

Similarly, our Competency-Based Education App revolutionized the evaluation process for institutions considering competency-based education (CBE). By providing targeted assessments, our app offered valuable insights into readiness levels, ranging from infrastructure to faculty preparedness.

Moreover, its role as a lead generation tool facilitated seamless communication between institutions, marketing and sales teams, optimizing outreach efforts and driving adoption of CBE solutions.