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The Baltimore chapter of the American Marketing Association recently interviewed some of Baltimore’s industry leaders in public relations, including Weiss PR’s executive vice president, Jessica Tiller, to get their tips on crisis management, how to deliver effective messages, and what they do to keep up with today’s news cycle and technology trends that have impacted the industry.

Check out part 1 of this two-part blog series and find out what Jessica has to say: “Communications Tips from the PR Pros: Crisis and Reputation Management.”

Pugh & Tiller

Through an integrated approach, Pugh & Tiller helps B2B companies reach, engage, and influence the right audiences in order to achieve their business goals. By offering public relations, branding and identity development, digital integrated marketing, website and app development, and graphic design and audio / video production, Pugh & Tiller provides each and every service with an eye on the bigger picture.